New England Review.



DSCN4804 “Race Report: Blue Sky Trail Marathon – 10/19/2019.” 2019.

BSHM2019-51-1 “Race Report: Black Squirrel Trail Half Marathon – 9/7/2019.” 2019.

LDM - QR50 2019 “Race Report: Quad Rock 50 – 5/11/2019,” 2019.

LDM Photo - 1 “Contributor Spotlight: Interview with Lucien Darjeun Meadows,” The Rappahannock Review, 2019.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 10.52.50 AM “Power and Passing as a Native ‘Native’ Speaker in the Writing Center,” The Dangling Modifier, 2019.

Black Squirrel 2018 - going up Timber - Terry Greenwelge “Race Report: Black Squirrel Trail Half Marathon – 9/8/2018,” 2018.

Lucien - Homestretch - mile 31-32 “Race Report: Golden Gate Dirty 30 (50K) – 6/2/2018,” 2018.

Pride-Proclamation-2018-City-of-Fort-Collins-Flickr-Page “Toward Visibility, Equity, and Inclusion with the LGBTQ Advisory Committee,” City of Fort Collins, 2018.

Sunrise over Dry Fork River Valley WV - Kent Mason  “Exhilaration in Nature,” Association of Forest & Nature Therapy, 2018.

Bestiary “On Donika Kelly’s Bestiary (Graywolf Press, 2016),” Tupelo Quarterly, 2017.

bloom “On Teresa Leo’s Bloom in Reverse (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014),” Pleiades, 2015.

domina Un-blued “On Ruth Ellen Kocher’s domina Un/blued (Tupelo, 2013),” The Journal, 2014.

engraved225 “On Anna George Meek’s Engraved (Tupelo, 2012),” Meridian, 2014.

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