Lucien’s poems “Glass Forest” and “Visiting My Sister in the Adolescent Ward” are forthcoming in Pleiades. (11/2017)

Lucien chaired the 19th-Century British Literature panel, presented on John Clare’s couplet-sonnets in the Space & Spatiality panel, and gave a featured poetry reading at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference — and was just nominated by the RMMLA Executive Director to serve on the Executive Board. (10/2017)

Lucien ran his first-ever marathon, covering 26.7 miles, climbing 3500′ vertical feet, and finishing happy and in the top 30% at the 2017 Blue Sky Trail Marathon. (10/2017)

Lucien’s poem “Eastern Caesar’s Mushroom” is forthcoming in A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia, forthcoming from University of Georgia Press in 2018. (9/2017)

Lucien’s poem “Rust” is forthcoming in Southern Ecology: An Anthology of Literature and the Environment, forthcoming from Yellow Flag Press in 2019. (9/2017)

Lucien’s poems “Monongalia County, West Virginia” and “To Grandmother’s Body” are forthcoming in Shenandoah. (8/2017)

Lucien’s poem “My Second Time” is in the latest issue of Prairie Schooner. (8/2017)

Lucien will teach an online eight-week course on poetry forms with The Loft Literary Center, starting September 20th — hope to see you there! (7/2017)

Lucien’s poems “Cleave” and “My Third Time” are forthcoming in Narrative. (7/2017)

Lucien climbed his first-ever “fourteener” (mountain 14,000′ or higher) while running 14.5 miles, finishing 8th in his age group at the 2017 Mount Evans Ascent. (6/2017)

Lucien learned from Camille Dungy, Ross Gay, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and many talented fellow poets and writers at the 2017 Bread Loaf Environmental Writers Conference. (6/2017)

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers (Shepherd University and The West Virginia Center for the Book) has been released, featuring two poems by Lucien: “Rosa laevigata” and “On the Train, I Wake in West Virginia.” (5/2017)

Lucien’s poem “Once I Was Queen Mab” is forthcoming in Muzzle Magazine. (5/2017)

Lucien’s poem “When There is Nothing to Eat” is forthcoming in Two Peach. (4/2017)

Lucien set a new personal record at the 2017 Horsetooth Half Marathon. (4/2017)

The Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association selected Lucien for the 2017 conference as session chair for 19th-Century British Literature, presenter for Space & Spatiality, and featured poet for RMMLA Poets & Writers Read Their Works in English. (3/2017)

Lucien ran over 20 miles for the first time in his life! (3/2017)

Lucien’s poem “Tiresias” is forthcoming in Potomac Review. (2/2017)

The National Association for Interpretation approved Lucien’s training and examination for certification as a Certified Interpretive Guide (2/2017).

The Bread Loaf Environmental Writers Conference awarded Lucien a Katharine Bakeless Nason Award to attend the 2017 conference. (1/2017)

Colorado Creative Industries awarded Lucien a Career Advancement Award. (1/2017)