phoebe has nominated Lucien’s contest-winning essay “Ariel” for a Pushcart Prize. (12/2022)

Hub City Press has nominated “Violet,” a poem from In the Hands of the River first published in Ecotone, for a Pushcart Prize. (12/2022)

Eighteenth-Century Fiction has peer-reviewed and accepted Lucien and Leia Lynn and Lucien’s article on queering notions of “finished work” in eighteenth-century fragments. (11/2022)

The Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies invited Lucien to present on eighteenth-century weather diaries and cloud taxonomies at their annual conference. (11/2022)

Excursions has peer-reviewed and accepted Lucien’s article on the queer phenomenology of space in James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room. (10/2022)

The Thomas Hardy Journal has peer-reviewed and accepted Lucien’s article on vertical and horizontal topographic time in Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd. (10/2022)

In honor of National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day), remembering the survivors of Indigenous boarding schools and those who never returned home, Lucien ran ten consecutive half-marathons from 9/21 through 9/30 in support and solidarity. (9/2022)

Lucien’s debut collection, In the Hands of the River, has released from Hub City Press!! (9/2022)

The Northeast Popular and American Culture Association invited Lucien to present on the vital materialism of dust and metal in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and to chair the panel on Gothic Environments and Narrative Darkness at their annual conference. (8/2022)

Lucien has been invited to contribute an essay to the forthcoming anthology on rural queer identity, edited by Rae Garringer and to be published by University of Kentucky Press in the Appalachian Futures: Black, Native, and Queer Voices series. (8/2022)

The International Gerard Manley Hopkins Conference has invited Lucien to chair the conference’s closing panel. (7/2022)

Philia has peer-reviewed and accepted Lucien’s article, “Queer Ecology in the Forests of Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out” for publication in Fall 2022. (6/2022)

Denver Quarterly has appointed Lucien the Managing Editor for 2022-23. (6/2022)

phoebe journal, with guest judge Jami Attenberg, has selected Lucien’s essay “Ariel” as winner of the 2022 Creative Nonfiction Contest! (5/2022)

Lucien completed a self-designed “solo” and “unsupported” 40-mile trail run around Horsetooth Reservoir for the second time, summiting three significant peaks with 8,000′ total vertical gain and finishing with a new PR for the course. (5/2022)

The University of Brighton has invited Lucien to present on queer phenomenologies of space in James Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room at the annual OUTSIDE/RS Conference. (4/2022)

Five poems, including four from Lucien’s forthcoming collection In the Hands of the River, will appear in the annual issue of you are here: the journal of creative geography. (4/2022)

Lucien will present on quantum entanglement in cloud poetry at the Université de Montréal’s  Research Center for Planetary Literary and Cultural Studies. (3/2022)

Lucien’s sonnet “Late September in the Garden” and hybrid work “Mile 11—” are forthcoming in Shenandoah. (3/2022)

Lucien’s poem “Even After, Those Roses Bloom” is forthcoming in Gravy, the journal of the Southern Foodways Alliance. (2/2022)

The American Comparative Literature Association has invited Lucien to present on eco-elegy in contemporary Native American poetry at their annual conference. (2/2022)

Louisiana State University’s English Department has invited Lucien to present on the embodied ecology of wonder in John Clare’s cloud sonnets at their annual conference. (1/2022)

Stony Brook University’s English Department has invited Lucien to present on queer time and memory in A.E. Housman’s A Shropshire Lad at their annual conference. (1/2022)

Lucien’s creative hybrid works “The Longest Stretch,” “Mile 22—,” and “Violet” are forthcoming in a new anthology on speculative futures and BIPOC community, edited by Khadijah Queen and K. Ibura, from the University of Alabama Press. (12/2021)