The International Gerard Manley Hopkins Conference has invited Lucien to chair the conference’s closing panel. (6/2022)

Denver Quarterly has appointed Lucien the Managing Editor for 2022-23. (6/2022)

phoebe journal, with guest judge Jami Attenberg, has selected Lucien’s essay “Ariel” as winner of the 2022 Creative Nonfiction Contest! (5/2022)

Lucien completed a self-designed “solo” and “unsupported” 40-mile trail run around Horsetooth Reservoir for the second time, summiting three significant peaks with 8,000′ total vertical gain and finishing with a new PR for the course. (5/2022)

The University of Brighton has invited Lucien to present on queer phenomenologies of space in James Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room at the annual OUTSIDE/RS Conference. (4/2022)

Five poems, including four from Lucien’s forthcoming collection In the Hands of the River, will appear in the annual issue of you are here: the journal of creative geography. (4/2022)

Lucien will present on quantum entanglement in cloud poetry at the Université de Montréal’s  Research Center for Planetary Literary and Cultural Studies. (3/2022)

Lucien’s sonnet “Late September in the Garden” and hybrid work “Mile 11—” are forthcoming in Shenandoah. (3/2022)

Lucien’s poem “Even After, Those Roses Bloom” is forthcoming in Gravy, the journal of the Southern Foodways Alliance. (2/2022)

The American Comparative Literature Association has invited Lucien to present on eco-elegy in contemporary Native American poetry at their annual conference. (2/2022)

Louisiana State University’s English Department has invited Lucien to present on the embodied ecology of wonder in John Clare’s cloud sonnets at their annual conference. (1/2022)

Stony Brook University’s English Department has invited Lucien to present on queer time and memory in A.E. Housman’s A Shropshire Lad at their annual conference. (1/2022)

The Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association has invited Lucien to serve as session chair for Literature & Science and facilitator of the Queer Studies Social at the 2022 National Conference. (12/2021)

Lucien’s creative hybrid works “The Longest Stretch,” “Mile 22—,” and “Violet” are forthcoming in a new anthology on speculative futures and BIPOC community, edited by Khadijah Queen and K. Ibura, from the University of Alabama Press. (11/2021)

Lucien’s prose poem “Mile 1” is forthcoming in Ecotone. (10/2021)

The Northeast Popular and American Culture Association invited Lucien to present on colonialism and conquest in ultramarathon narratives at their annual conference. (9/2021)

Lucien completed his second solo 50-mile trail run, running the Quad Rock 50 course (for the third time) with 11,000′ vertical gain, one partner-staffed aid station, and a day that reached over 90 degrees, finishing with a new PR for the course. (8/2021)

Bread Loaf Conferences has awarded Lucien a second full administrative staff fellowship to attend the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and serve as host and Q&A facilitator for lectures by Jericho Brown, Victoria Chang, Carl Phillips, and Paisley Rekdal. (7/2021)

The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment invited Lucien to present on his New England Review-published essay “Circling Eloh” in the Identity and Place episode of ASLE’s Spotlight Series. (6/2021)