Lucien presented “Nonlinear Temporalities in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings” at the 2020 Northeast Popular and American Culture Association Conference. (10/2020)

The University of Denver invited Lucien to read from his essay “Circling Eloh” at the 2020 English & Literary Arts Fishbowl Reading. (9/2020)

Lucien completed and passed all of his PhD Comprehensive Exams at the University of Denver (involving 250+ texts and 3 separate essay exams totaling over 60 pages of written response), becoming a PhD Candidate. (9/2020)

The American Poetry Journal invited Lucien to participate in their Virtual Reading Celebration alongside Terrance Hayes and Dorianne Laux. (8/2020)

Lucien’s essay “Circling Eloh” is forthcoming in New England Review. (8/2020)

Denver Quarterly has promoted Lucien within their editorial team to Prose Editor. (7/2020)

Lucien completed his first solo 50-mile trail run, running the Quad Rock 50 course with 11,000′ vertical gain, with one family-staffed aid station and on a day that reached 95 degrees, finishing strong. (7/2020)

Lucien’s poems “Two Months Before” and “Mile 25–” are forthcoming in Poetry Northwest. (6/2020)

The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment invited Lucien to present on American poet Adelaide Crapsey and her translations of Cherokee incantations at their biennial virtual symposium. (6/2020)

Lucien’s poems “Mile 22–” and “Mile 32–” are forthcoming in American Poetry Journal. (5/2020)

Lucien presented “Elohlogies of Environmental Trauma, Reclamation, and Survivance” at the 2020 University of Denver Research Showcase. (5/2020)

Lucien presented “Critical and Creative Responses to Parliamentary Enclosure in Victorian England” at the 2020 American Association of Geographers annual meeting. (4/2020)

The Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association has invited Lucien to serve as session chair for Literature & Religion and to present on Swinburne’s alternatives to Christian consolation at the 2020 National Conference in Boulder, CO. (4/2020)

The Bread Loaf Environmental Writers’ Conference has invited Lucien to attend on full Administrative Staff Scholarship, to grow his engagement with the program and study with workshop leader Kazim Ali. (3/2020)

The International Conference on Virginia Woolf has invited Lucien to present on queer ecologies in the work of Virginia Woolf at the 2020 conference in Vermillion, SD. (3/2020)

Lucien’s poems “Mile 47–” and “Mile 56–” are forthcoming in Hotel Amerika. (2/2020)

Lucien’s four translations of poems by the Dutch poet P.C. Boutens are forthcoming in pulpmouth. (2/2020)

Lucien’s poem “Mile 18–” is forthcoming in Nashville Review. (1/2020)

Lucien’s poems “Mile 49–” and “Mile 57–” are forthcoming in Colorado Review. (1/2020)

Lucien’s poems “Like Son,” “Render,” and “Writing Appalachia” are forthcoming in Still. (12/2019)

Full Stop has accepted Lucien’s reviews of two new smaller-press publications — Angela Veronica Wong’s Animal Suicides and Dina Salústio’s The Madwoman of Serrano — for publication in early 2020. (12/2019)

After eighteen months of planning, the National Association for Interpretation‘s National Conference in Denver was successfully planned and executed for over 850 attendees with Lucien serving as the National Conference Chair through the full process. (11/2019)

Lucien became one of eleven runners to complete the four-race Gnar Slam 2019, finishing four trail races with over 120,000′ total vertical change and 150 total miles in just under 40 hours. (10/2019)

Lucien set a new course PR, covering 26.7 miles and climbing 3500′ vertical feet while finishing happy and in the top 15% at the 2019 Blue Sky Trail Marathon. (10/2019)

Lucien chaired the Literature & Religion panel, presented on Nietzschean philosophy in William Gibson’s Neuromancer, directed the Graduate Student Forum, gave a featured creative reading, and represented RMMLA as an Executive Board Member at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference in El Paso, TX. (10/2019)