storySouth, Pleiades, Matter Journal, and The Chattahoochee Review, as well as A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia (U. of Georgia Press, 2018) and Southern Ecology: An Anthology of Literature and the Environment (Yellow Flag Press, 2019).



My Third Time,” Narrative. *Poem of the Week*
You said it would be as easy as slipping…

Cleave,” Narrative.
The summer everything changed, I walked out…

When There Is Nothing To Eat,” Two Peach.
I am in the fridge again as Mother…

Monongalia County, West Virginia,” Shenandoah.
Red dirt never washes away—blue hills…

To Grandmother’s Body,” Shenandoah.
Of blue hills with faces pillowed in cloud…

Portrait of My Father as Icarus,” The Hopper.
My father climbs high branches above me…

Once I Was Queen Mab,” Muzzle Magazine*Nominated for the Pushcart Prize*
Call me Mercutio, you say, white-robed body…

My Second Time,” Prairie Schooner.
A boy with a knife and a hot bath drawn…

Violet,” Ecotone.
Cloud, birdfoot, common blue. Blush in your sex…

Night in the Burned House,” Appalachian Heritage. *Nominated for the Pushcart Prize*
In my old bedroom, in this house…

“Revival,” “Big Wheeling Creek, 2016,” & “Evening Primrose,” Still: The Journal.
Tonight, the world. His back a granite cliff…

Admission,” American Journal of Nursing.
They came for us at school, in the middle of…


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